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In an African cultural universe, names are important.


The “habitual be” describes a specialized construction, a verb tense and aspect, found in the language used among many Black American and Caribbean people. This construction describes things that are true by virtue of habit.

For instance: “I be writing.” or, “She be doing that blog shit.”

I like this construction because it contextualizes action. You cannot understand the habitual tense without conjuring a memory of your subject and then understanding that in context. That’s pretty compassionate, for a verb tense.

For more on the “habitual be,” see “Tense and Aspectual be in Child African American English” by Janice E. Jackson and Lisa Green.


The site icon is a Middle Egyptian hieroglyph. It is a picture of a bee or wasp, and when given sound, it was pronounced “beet.” One use of this glyph in the word for “Ruler of Lower Egypt.”


B as in bitch. As in, “Habitual Bitch.”